Eatlean Protein Cheese

Rich in proteins, low in fat and calories

Delicious, 100% original, vegetarian, lactose-free, and made with British cow’s milk and type of milk.

Eatlean Cheese is the new, special choice for the Cypriot customer, from Clappas Trading House Ltd, and a reason to re-introduce cheese to our everyday menu.

High Protein Cheese and low in fat and calories, Eatlean Cheese is an ally to those who wish to develop their muscles or lose weight. It lets us consume cheese as part of a more balanced diet.

On supermarket shelves in Cyprus, you will Eatlean Protein Cheese in 350gr and 200gr packaging, with the nutritional value per 100gr of 169 calories, 37gr protein and 3 gr fat (of which 1.3gr are saturated).

Compared with regular cheddar cheese, it contains 50% fewer calories, 90% less fat, 40% more cheese protein and 80% less cholesterol.

Winner of the gold medal at the 2019 International Cheese Awards as the “Best low-fat cheese”, it is the ideal choice for melted cheese on pizza, Filata cheeses pasta burgers and toast, or ground cheese for pasta, lasagna, pies, or any one of your favourite snacks!

Another cheese-tasting experience is the Eatlean Delicious, in 350gr packaging, which suggests more flavour for the entire family. Specifically, the Eastern Tasty per 100gr contains 268 calories, 33gr protein, and 14.3gr fat (of which 8.7gr are saturated).

Compared with a slice of regular cheddar cheese, the Eatlean Tasty has 50% less fat, 30% fewer calories and 30% more protein.

Its rich flavour is a result of its long maturity period of 9 months, which allows its taste to develop fully.

So bring cheese back into your daily menu and make delicious meals, low in calories and fats.

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