What Is Wild Rice?

Although it’s often served in rice blends and pilafs, wild rice isn’t actually riced at all. It’s the seed of an aquatic grass plant, and thus not a “true” rice. This grass plant grows originally in the Great Lakes region of North America and was once a staple in Native American diets.

Today wild rice is especially cultivated in Minnesota and California, which is where the most maximum of the rice you’ll find in the supermarket comes from. There are so many reasons to love wild rice, in addition to its eccentric flavor and chewy texture. It’s also higher in protein than quinoa. Plus it’s naturally gluten-free, low in fat, and high in fiber.

Wild rice is often used as an extension to other rice blends or dishes, as its flavor can be somewhat overwhelming on its own. The good news is, cooked wild rice freezes well, so you can easily make a big batch and freeze it for use in future dishes.

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